Recent Clients

Consulting and customised training

Channel 4, Qentinel, Nokia, BCS/ISEB, Google, T-Mobile, Thomson Financial, Transition Consulting, GE Mobile Communications (3X), Legal Services Commission, Disney, Securicor Omega Logistics, Exel Logistics, WorkShare, Test Partners, Harrods, Technology Evaluation Centres, ProfessionalSpirit, Chasseral, JobPartners.

Participants in public training courses have included staff from:

BBC, TCL, Marks&Spencer, Thoughtworks, GE Capital, 3X, Expedia, Microsoft, Research Machines, Mozilla Foundation.

Conferences and talks

StarEast, StarWest, EuroStar, Google TechTalks, London SIGiST, QBIT, Aviva/Norwich Union, Ordina, Delta, Avenir, DANSK-IT, IIR, FAST, Tampere University of Technology, Unicom, SoftTest, ScotTest, SAST, AsisStar, ProcessWorks Singapore, Quality Week, QW Europe.

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