Talk: Things Testers Miss

Bugs slip into production in spite of the best efforts of designers, coders, and testers. While testers may not be responsible for the introduction of bugs to the system, they bear some responsibility for the introduction of bugs to the user. This talk uses real examples of bugs that slipped past the test team, and the reasons why those bugs were missed. We'll identify problems with triggering bugs, problems with observing bugs, problems with taking observations seriously. We'll look at the ways that projects can cripple their test efforts, and ways that common test approaches will always miss some kinds of bugs.

From a study of these problems, James Lyndsay will draw lessons about ways that testers can adapt their techniques, ways that test teams can adapt their processes, and ways that organisations can adapt their decisions to reduce the paths that let bugs into production.

Delivered at StarEast, EuroStar

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