Talk: Adventures in Session-based Testing

Session-based testing is a management technique, and can be used to introduce measurement and control to unscripted, open-ended test approaches. It makes an effective foundation for significant improvements in productivity and error detection. The techniques are particularly helpful in controlling reactive, fire-fighting test teams, and in bringing agility and focus to exploratory methods.

Using two real-world case studies, this talk looks at the introduction and implementation of session-based testing. It details the session-based methods initially proposed, and notes problems, solutions and improvements found in their implementation particularly focussing on risk, coverage, test case selection and prioritisation. The talk also covers tools and simple metrics, recording sessions and the importance of feedback at a number of levels to allow process improvement. Finally, the talk picks up on common team issues; responsibility and empowerment, coaching and skills transfer, and what it is like to work in a session-based test team.

Delivered at AsiaStar (as a keynote), StarWest, EuroStar, SoftTest and the UK SIGiST. Won "Best Paper" at StarWest and EuroStar.

Download the paper: Further Adventures in Session-bAsed Testing

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